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I’ve always had a passion for making images.  I love storytelling too.  Who doesn’t like a good story?  Being a director and cinematographer keeps me involved in every detail of a project, which is exhilarating.  But it only works because of the collaboration.  A good idea is just that.
I love sailing too.  Like photography, I’ve been doing it since I was very young.  My instinct is to push the boundaries, find the limits of a situation – knowing that I’m in control and trying not to fall into a comfort zone.  When I’m on a boat, I take the responsibility very seriously because there are other people on the boat and Mother Nature can get wily in a hurry.  It’s all connected – being humble in the face of creation, exploring ideas, searching for a touch of originality.

New Orleans is my home.  I think that has something to do with the eclectic nature of my work.

And so I’m evolving and opening new doors along the way.  I love directing commercials because they are all about craft and the language of cinema and my art projects give me a chance to experiment and grow.  Still photography is where I discovered the magic of creating images.  I am devoted to detail and cutting edge technology.

That’s what these different brands are about.  The language of filmmaking evolves.  I’m a student for life.

Twisted Fiction


We are keen to build relationships with other great brands.
Yes, we have a true worldwide nexus of very good visual talents, but sometimes we prefer to keep it local.
New Orleans is where we live.
Now we can execute great ideas, no matter the size...

It’s a narrative way of thinking.


Sarah Lange
Film Rep / Head of Sales
1 646 283 0699
Kelley Class
Film Rep / Texas & West
1 310 650 5357
1 310 823 9808
Catherine DeAngelis / Hot Betty, Inc.
Film Rep / Midwest
1 312 787 4003






Sesame Films is Kenny Morrison’s newest concept, specializing in the science of tabletop. Our new studio is rooted in the tastiest city in America - New Orleans. Sesame caters to a national food and product advertising clientele. New Orleans never tasted so delicious.

Beauté et Bête

Beauté et Bête is the curious story of two image-makers whose disparate backgrounds form a near perfect union. Directors, cinematographers and photographers, the duo of Elizabeth Perrin and Kenny Morrison share a love for all things fashion and beauty. Their slightly askew artistic inclinations allow Kenny and Elizabeth to complement one another quite beautifully. "Desire Without End" is their first project together, setting a precedent for exquisite visual artistry.

 BATIBAT  Concept Design & Story by Amanda DeLeon

 A Film by: Kenny Morrison


Simplify the art of lighting.

Spend more time lighting and less time f___ing around.

Cherry Lights is a new approach, a better and more effective way to execute bigger ideas without compromising your lighting needs. Cherry Lights is based in New Orleans and primarily serving the Gulf South region. Maximum support for professional production!

Rent our lighting equipment
email: rent@cherrylights.com or call +(1) 240-274-5522


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  • Pictures
  • Commercials
  • Table Top
  • Fashion
  • Production offices
  • Lighting and Grip
  • Vanity stations
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
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On photography, cinematography, and persuasion


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